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Staff 1-50 of 147
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Aburto, Roberto Information Counselor Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8396
Alcala Jr., Joey Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Alejandro, Juan Carlos HR Generalist/Training Coordinator Administrative Services 956-761-8100
Alvarado, Armando Captain Fire Department 956-761-3826
Alvarado, Evelina Detective Police Department 956-761-5454
Arriaga, Jesse Transit Director Public Transit 956-761-8176
Azocar, Rene Police Officer Police Department 956-761-5454
Baldovinos, Victor Environmental Health Director Environmental Health Services 956-761-8124
Barker, James Lieutenant Fire Department 956-761-3040
Barrera, Angelica Accounting & Purchasing Analyst Finance Department 956-761-8382
Bazan, Reynaldo Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Bennett III, Gualberto Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Betancourt, Delilah Detective Police Department 956-761-5454
Bland, Michael E. Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Bloom, Donald Public Works Inspector Public Works 956-761-8157
Boburka, Kristina Shoreline Director Shoreline Management 956-761-3837
Bouquet, Giovanni Accountant Finance Department 956-761-8127
Brown, April Special Events Manager Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8392
Candanoza, Edward Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Cantu, Angela Executive Assistant Environmental Health Services 956-761-8123
Cantu, Juan Sergeant Police Department 956-761-5454
Cardenas, Kevin   Public Transit 956-761-8178
Carranza, Victor Sergeant Police Department 956-761-5454
Casas, Nathan Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Casillas, Pedro Beach Patrol Lieutenant Fire Department 956-761-3828
Castillo, Dolly Accountant Finance Department 956-761-8128
Cervantes, Mauricio Marketing & Communications Specialist Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8398
Chavarria, Clara Communications Specialist Public Transit 956-761-8178
Cisneros, Ana Records Technician Police Department 956-761-8149
Cooper, Leilani Police Officer Police Department 956-761-5454
Cruz, Daniel Detective Police Department 956-761-5454
Cruz, Edgar Environmental Health Manager Environmental Health Services 956-761-8122
Cyganiewicz, Ed Municipal Court Judge Municipal Court 956-761-8137
Davila, Yolanda Facility Booking Coordinator Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8383
De Leon, Christopher Driver Operator Fire Department 956-761-3040
De Leon, Lyonn Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Degasperi, Julie Information Counselor Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8396
Delgado, Ernest Dispatcher Dispatch 956-761-5454
Delgado, Hilda Administration/Claims Coordinator City Manager's Office 956-761-8110
Delgado, Wendi Director of Operations City Manager's Office 956-761-8102
Dominguez, Albert Detective Police Department 956-761-5454
Elizardo, Annette Police Officer Police Department 956-761-5454
Escobedo, Everardo Firefighter Fire Department 956-761-3040
Espinoza, Victor Detective Police Department 956-761-5454
Estrada, Mariana Sales Manager Convention & Visitors Bureau 956-761-8395
Galvan, Esteban Building Inspector Building Inspections & Permitting 956-761-8107
Garcia, Oziel Operations Captain Fire Department 956-761-3871
Garcia, Robert Fire Marshal Fire Department 956-761-3832
Garcia Jr., Jose Dispatcher Dispatch 956-761-5454
Garza, Vedette Executive Assistant Public Works 956-761-8159
Staff 1-50 of 147